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Recent Movie Reviews


Joe Johnston has done it again, managing to take what SHOULD be great action flick material and managed to make it, well, boring.

Don't get me wrong, the film started out quite well. The change from puny wimp to super hero was well done, as was the intro sequence with red skull. The whole nazi-mysticism mystique was done very well. But it seemed that after Joe Johnston filmed these two or three well thought out portions, the rest of the film was just filler.

I caught myself looking at my watch a few times, just sort of wanting the movie to end - and this was at the 1/2 point of the film. The action sequences are fairly average for the most part and I really never got that "edge of my seat" feeling as the characters faced peril.

All in all, an above-average film which could have been great if someone with better directing chops had been chosen.



Contender for worst film of 2012 anyways.

Wanderlust is no longer the worst film from 2012. At least for me.

"Lay the Favorite" is awful. I don't even know what this film was about.

Well, I take that back. It's about a bunch of very uninteresting characters. Bruce Willis plays a sports gambler, who appropriately enough owns "dink Inc", and Rebecca Hall plays an ex-stripper turned sports-line expert who becomes his assistant. And If all that doesn't get you excited - wait until nothing else happens.

Oh my this was bad. Rebecca Hall is sometimes charming, but more often annoying. It's not entirely her fault though. Everything about her character is a contradiction, and when all else fails the director gives us some meaningless, unnecessary nudity in a last ditch effort to keep us from turning it off(this is around the 28minutes-in mark mind you). I don't mind nudity at all, but when it feels so forced to add some spice to an otherwise boring film, well then, I'd just as soon pop-in an 80's boob comedy.

It has some of the same problems as Wanderlust actually. We just don't care about these characters one iota, and the films have no clue where they want to go. And when all else fails - everyone take your clothes off.

Bruce Willis is really cementing his new "C" movie star-status with this one. He was well on his way already, but this sucker shot Bruce into Slater/Liota/Lundgren/Van Damme/Shaquille Oneal territory. Talk about "Dying Hard".

Stephen Frears? Reeeeeaaaaallly?



I let my friends talk me into seeing this film with them because I think Amanda Seyfried is adorable and I had high hopes that this supposedly adult re-imagining of a children's folk tale would be entertaining in the same aspect of Tim Burton's Sleepy Hollow...how disappointed I was.

The acting was so corny and so ridiculous although I can't help but feel that it's not entirely the fault of the actors, but the director. The dialogue was so incredibly cheesy that at several points throughout the movie, groans were heard throughout the audience. Visually, the film is beautiful but the plot is choppy, the romance scenes are cringe worthy, everything about this film was just painful. Shiloh whatever his name is has a constant sneer/smirk on his face that makes his character so annoying. And the other love interest was just plain dull. Seyfried is a perfect Red Riding Hood but she brings nothing to the film other than her constantly doe eyed, surprised expression.

Do not waste your money on this crap.


Why on earth they had to make this movie so vile. The amount of foul language. After 10 minutes we turned it off. Nothing like the original series. Utter rubbish and very, very POOR script. Some series are just best left alone, and Chips is one of them, if they cannot get the actors, or get a good script. I could think of two better actors to play the parts, and made it a 12A without all that foul language

Attention all units, Chips won't be returning in a minute!


Yes, the action was continuous, however, it was TOO repetitious..

The shooting was so repetitious throughout the movie, It should have been labeled 'John Wick the Non Stop Shooter'.. Sorry fans of this movie, just too much of the same shooting over and over, and my Goodness, with those multiple hard impact car hits and more, John Wick legs have to be made of titanium..

Sorry, too many unrealistic scenes for me.

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